It all be began with an idea from Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake of Baltimore City -- what positive uses can be made of the city's vacant places...
Announcement of the Growing Green Initiative

As a veteran of Civics Works (Baltimore), at the time of the initiative I was working under the auspices of the Real Food Farm, where I grew my appetite for being an urban farmer. Participating as an entrant in the compeitition for the GGI, I was fortunate enough to be one of the top awardees!
Chesapeake Bay Trust Announcement of GGI Awards

Mayor's Office Announcement on GGI Winners (...look for the green terrapin)

Since that time it's been all about getting the working with the various engineers, city departments and getting the proper approvals -- but finally, there's budding optimism that we'll get this thing planted and popping sprouts in the Spring of this year!


To grow together


To cultivate a network of growth rooted in community, nationwide.


Encourage growth professionally and personally.

Build long lasting relationships.

Be sustainable.

Grow in new ways.

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