“OMFG” Donation Campaign

Hello... Hello! Hello!!

Thank you for checking out our Oh My Flower Garden Donation Campaign, this is our pre-kickstarter!

We are "Tha Flower Factory" -- an urban flower farm with the mission to grow together!

Tha Flower Factory came about from the vision of its Owner, Founder and Farmer Walker Marsh who wanted to created a space of beauty and opportunity in an area that doesn't see it too often. As well as creating a green business that focuses on bettering the environment, communities and individuals.

Walker Marsh, a native of Baltimore Maryland, attended Milford Mill high school and went to Virginia State University to study engineering. Returning to Baltimore in 2008 he spent time working different jobs that ranged from being a lifeguard to being a paralegal assistant and eventually working at Civic Works as an Americorps volunteer. Working at Civic Works Real Food Farm Walker was introduced to farming and he instantly fell in love with it. With a passion to own his own business he was able to enter into the 2014 Growing Green Design Competition which was a city wide design competition to turn vacant lots into green spaces. So Walker presented the idea of creating a for profit urban flower farm to the competition, was awarded $63,000 and Tha Flower Factory was born.

After being a winner of The Growing Green Design Competition in 2014 walker spent the entire year of 2015 getting all the necessary permits from Baltimore City.

Here in 2016 is the farm's first growing season and now the opening of the farm!

With this being Walker's first farm there were many oversights that were unseen in the beginning that he is now realizing are becoming bigger and bigger issues. And that is why we are here now! We are looking to raise $10,000 for the farm to get

    Farm Truck
    Drip Irrigation
    Tools and supplies
    And to Pay for opening event

We would greatly appreciate any amount of donating to go towards those items and we pledge to keep your donated money in the Baltimore area to help support other small businesses.

This has been a great growing opportunity for Walker and the farm and we hope that you might contribute to this effort.

Please stop by the farm anytime, we are located at 1433 N Gaye Street Baltimore, Md 21213. Also check us out on Instagram and Facebook @thaflowerfactory.

Thank you for checking out our "Oh My Flower Garden" Donation Campaign! This is our pre-Kickstarter until we get KS' approval -- so keep your eye out for our Kickstarter!

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